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The Rise of Amphitrite

A Trident Trilogy, Book I

Amy—short for Amethyst—has had her life planned out for her since before she could walk: excel at cello, fencing, and academics, attend Oxford early, and take over her father’s law firm after her 20th birthday. She’s never had much free time for friends, aside from Percy, the boy who washed up on the beach in front of her as a child and hasn’t been far from her thoughts since. Percy teaches her about mythology, and sometimes it feels like they’ve known each other much longer than a few years…

When Amy chooses saving the oceans over the family business, moving halfway around the world for a marine biology research position, strange things start happening. The sea and its creatures seem to react to her presence, locals are calling her queen, and she’s feeling off, like part of her is missing. Her coworkers are great, but they seem to be taking all of this a bit too in stride. 

When the research ship is attacked by creatures that should definitely not exist at the same time Percy shows up for a visit, Amy has some serious questions. She’s soon confronted with the fact that she may not be in charge of her destiny after all, and more than her own happiness is riding on her choices.

The Rise of Amphitrite, is a New Adult fantasy romance with dark themes including; self harm, violence, strong language, murder, sex, and drug, and alcohol use.

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The Fall of Amethyst

A Trident Trilogy, Book II

After learning that she’s the reincarnation of the Greek deity, Amphitrite, Amy has dealt with a lot. From the mental whiplash of her childhood friend Percy actually being Poseidon to the unforgiving push into an ancient war against Zeus, she’s handled it. But just when Amy’s beginning to accept that the world is more vast and magical than she thought, she’s betrayed by someone she trusts. Now she finds herself being held prisoner by an enemy much more sinister than Zeus …Amy is determined to keep her faith in Percy coming to rescue her, but her captors are equally determined to turn her against him. And there’s only so long she can withstand mental and physical torture, no matter how intriguing she might find one of her captors. As Amy’s resolve grows weaker, and the call of the trident grows stronger, she is faced with the fact that not only is she in danger, but she might also be the danger.​


The Fall of Amethyst, is a New Adult Fantasy Romance with dark themes including;  violence, strong language, murder, attempt rape, torture, and drug use.

Savannah L. Zher

About the Author

Savannah Zherebnenko lives in the PNW with her husband, two kids, and three fur babies. When she's not zombified from her young kids, you can find her in her garden or in the kitchen canning, baking, cooking… slaving. Just kidding about the last one. But really, and if she's not doing any of those things, she's curled up with a book and a full glass of wine.

Her writing style combines Katee Robert's modernization of mythology and spice with the immersive but accessible world-building of Cassandra Clare.

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